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Lisa Liptak

Owner & Master Sylist
Lisa Liptak With over 19 years experience, Lisa has a passion for doing hair and makes her feel great knowing that she provides her services without harm. Lisa delivers pure talent and excellence, nothing less. She truly enjoys and specializes in doing hair color. Lisa regularly attend classes and seminars because she believes that education is crucial to being successful and there is always more to learn!

Kayla Krug

Master Stylist & Curly Cut Specialist
Kayla Krug Kayla has over 9 years experience in the hair industry. Through continuing education she has mastered curly hair cutting and eyebrow shaping including threading which is a more natural form of hair removal. She is passionate about learning and educating her clients on the importance of using natural color and products. Kayla's positive attitude & upbeat personality leaves you with a memorable experience!

Shana Firenze

Shana Firenze As a 3rd generation hair stylist, Shana has grown up falling in love with the art! She is passionate about the environment and the health of her clients. Continuing her education is key for staying up to date with the latest trends. Shana is a Certified Skinscript Professional which allows her to give her clients the most luxurious facials. Shana also enjoys Make-up Application. She truly loves to transform her clients and make them feel beautiful!

Stephanie Villano

Kelli Jeanson

Gloria Collery

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nurture green salon & spa

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nurture green salon & spa

182 South Broadway, Saratoga Springs

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